Faber-Castell Fabric Colours (12 Shades)

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  • Faber-Castell Fabric Colours (12 Shades).
  • Acrylic colors best on fabrics, earthenware and canvas.
  • Also use in wood, thermocol and plastics.
  • Multipurpose and ready to use.
  • Rich soft colors that work well on both light and dark surfaces.


Faber-Castell Fabric Colours (12 Shades) Are Multipurpose and readt to use. you can use on fabrics, canvas, wood, thermocol, earthenware and many more surfaces. Thses colours are very rich and soft that work well on both light and dark surfaces. Faber-Castell Fabric colours Dry quickly and are permanent. Fabrics remain soft post application. No medium required. Intermixable and can be thinned with water. Pack includes stencil and user guide. Buy this Faber-Castell Fabric Colours (12 Shades) in fair Prize only on ezeerun.com





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