Compressed Charcoal Sticks – Set of 6

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  • Compressed Charcoal Stick.
  • Set of Six – Soft, Medium & Hard
  • Can be Use Whole or Broken.
  • Easy Convenient to Large Area .
  • For Shading and Smooth Blending.


EzeeRun Presenting Quality compressed charcoal sticks: Compressed charcoal is a wonderful tool for drawing deep, rich blacks and achieving a more permanent quality to your charcoal drawing. Compressed charcoal sticks cover it all with fine texture and smooth blending quality Available in soft, medium and hard densities for creating a full range of tones. Flat edges can be used for broad strokes or sticks can be sanded to a fine point for detailed work. Good for laying down large areas: This charcoal stick is a black compressed charcoal sketching stick. Each stick is of high quality and gives an extra smooth result. Charcoal sticks may be used as they are, or you may break them into smaller pieces for your convenience. Buy This Compressed Charcoal Sticks – Set of 6 in fair Prize only on ezeerun.com


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