Masking Tape 1″ Inch (24 mm) Set of 6

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  • 6 Set of Masking Tape 1″ Inch (24 mm).
  • Suitable for all surface.
  • Easy to tear and peel out from wood, plastic, papper etc.
  • Using for paintings and art, carpenter and students.
  • also use for labelling on offices or Industrial work.


This Masking tape size contains1″ Inch (24 mm) set of 6 pcs. This masking tape is suitable for all surface like wood, plastic, cartridge sheets, pappers, steel, corrugated box and more. Its very easily tear by your hand and also easy to peel out from any suitable surface. This product used by professional artist, carpenters, students also use in offices or industrial work. Buy this 4 set of Masking Tape 0.5″ Inch (12mm) in fair Prize only on ezeerun.com


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