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MANDALA Art | Everything You Need To Know In Easy Way

When we think about Mandala Art, so many questions are raise in our mind like where it come from? What is history of Mandala Art? How earlier people think to make various patterns and designs? Which Tools use in Mandala art? Here we give you all answer of your question with short and Easy language.

What is Mandala Art? 

Basically Mandala is Beautiful Visual Art and it contains so many designs which organized around centre of the one big circle. Mandala word comes from Sanskrit its refer ‘Magic Circle’. Mandala art is symbol of geometric presentation. Mandala Art represent two sides of spirituality which starting from outside to inside us through various layers. Mandala also represent aspect of the universe and who believe in mandala they consider that mandala is also source of meditation. 

Know about Mandala Art
Beautiful Mandala Art

History of Mandala Art? 

This art comes from Asian religions its root is connected with Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Shintoism (Japan) also. But in First it was start from Buddhism. 

Siddhartha Gautama (the founder of Buddhism), Believed in meditation and following a path of thought and actions he attained enlighten and free from the cycle of death and birth. On 4th Century Buddhist monks travelled The Silk Road was. In ancient era East and West was connected with Silk Road as network of trade routes. On this way Buddhist Monks brought Buddhism to other land. 

Buddhist monks carried mandala art with them and brought the practice of painting these compositions to other parts of Asia, appearing in regions such as Tibet, China and Japan by the 4th Century. Then Day by Day mandalas soon became present in Hinduism and other Religious Practices. 

Know about Mandala Art
Mandala by Micron Pen

Type of Mandala Art or Designs

There are various types of mandalas found in many different cultures and used for a multiple of purposes. Various types of mandalas found to showing different cultures for multiple purpose even some region also believe that mandala is connected to God and this is canter of life. Below Three main types of mandalas and how they used. 

  1. Teaching Mandala – Teaching Mandala are symbolic and each line, shape and colour represents a different aspect of a philosophical or religious system. The artist and students create his or her own mandala based on principal of design and construction, projecting a visual symbolization of everything they have learned of their artistic journey. One more interesting point is Teaching Mandala serves as colourful mental maps for their creators. 
  1. Healing Mandala – The Healing Mandala basically use for purpose of Meditation, Healing Mandalas are more intuitive than teachings mandalas. This type of mandala is intended to deliver wisdom, channel focus and concentration, and evoke feeling of calm. 
  1. Sand Mandala – The Buddhist monks and Navajo cultures have long used sand mandalas as a traditional and religious element. These sand mandala intricate designs use all variety of symbols made from coloured sand that represent the Change of human life. 
Know about Mandala Art
Monks Makes Traditional Mandala

Type of Symbolism in Mandala Arts. 

In mandala circular or patterns where we find some common symbols throughout all mandalas. In Buddhism Traditionally include presence The Buddha’s mind in an abstract form and most commonly represented as jewel, flowers, wheels and tree. All the dot is surrounded by geometrical patterns and lines that represent the whole universe. Here is Some common symbols which include on mandalas art:  

  1. Central Dot (bindu)  –  Central Dot refer from Hindu (Yantra) represent both where the universe and the artwork starts, but also symbolizes the infinite nature of the universe. 
  • Wheel with Eight Spokes – The circular of a wheel works as an artistic representation of perfect universe. The Eightfold Path of Buddhism Inspired by The Wheel with Eight spokes. This is summary of practices that lead to rebirth and liberation. 

  • Bells – Represent an openness and Emptying of the mind to allow the entrance of wisdom and clarity.

  • Triangle – When facing upward, triangles represent action and energy, and when facing downward, they represent creativity and the pursuit of knowledge. 

  • Lotus Flowers – A sacred symbol in Buddhism, the symmetry of a lotus depicts balance. Its shows that as the lotus reaches the light from under water, so too does man reach for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 

  • Sun – A popular basis for modern mandala patterns, suns tend to represent the universe, often carry meaning related to life and energy. 
Know about Mandala Art
Coloured Mandala Art

Tool Use in Mandala. 

Actually mandala is an art where we need petition and concentration. we can divide some tools according to the types of mandala art. 

Doted Mandala Tool – Basically maximum mandala art made with dotting tool with different sizes. This tool can be used for dot mandala painting, rock painting, nail art, and also use pottery and clay art making. 

Sands – Kind of religious Mandala art made with Sands. Buddhist make geometric and sharp mandala with colourful sands its look amazing when it once done. 

On Paper –  when We make mandala art on page, we need some important things for Making Mandala here is equipment List: – 

If want deep knowledge about Mandala Arts you can go to this link

Well done now you know basic knowledge about mandala. I am try to show information about Mandala Art in easy and short language hope you will understand. Comment below if I missed any most important part.

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