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Sculpture Arts: Everything You Need to Know in Easy Way

what is Sculpture Arts?

When we think about Sculpture Arts , so many questions are raise in our mind like where it come from? What is history of Mandala Art? How earlier people think to make various patterns and designs? Which tools use in sculpture art? Here we give you all answer of your question with short and Easy language.


  1. What is Sculpture Art?
  2. What is History of Sculpture?
  3. Types of Sculptures.
  4. Materials Used in Sculptures.
  5. Tools use in Sculptures.

What is Sculpture Art?

Sculpture Art is most innovative and oldest forms of Representation of Visual Arts and Its looks into Three-Dimensional Art even blind person can feel it by touch. In another word we called as statue art.  Usually sculpture made by plastic and hard materials but now in Morden era many kind of things are available for making Sculptures. Now days sculpture made by mega machinery. But still some artists and cultures are making alive to the Sculpture art.

what is history Sculpture Art
HIndu Vishnu God Sculpture on Wall

What is History of Sculpture?

Sculpture art have no specific date in history. Every year our archaeologists are found old sculptures. In the old cultures, humans were made sculpted from thousands of years ago. Its show how human existence has lasted from thousands of years. The history of making sculpture people is very focus to put value and idea on these 3D objects. This art show creation of civilizations with clay and stone with different tools in beginning, later metals and iron also used for sculpture.

Till now many different sculptures found in world most of theme it belongs form Asia (India, China, Japan), Africa (Egypt), United States, Europe. Europe is most interesting place for sculpture because there are many kinds of variation are found like – Classical Traditional, Gothic, Social status and Nudity. 

what is Sculpture Art
Balinese God Stone Statue

Types of Sculpture.

  • In The Round Sculpture/Full Round – You can see This Sculpture with Three-Dimensional view. Round Sculpture in free standing and finished from all sides. 
  • Additive Sculpture – This type of sculpture is created by adding media on sculpture and this contain very big variety of sculpture category it allows freedom to artist express their extra ordinary creativity. Most of Additive Sculpture made by Clay or Wax. 
  • Casting Sculpture – Casting Sculpture made by liquid materials which poured into Mold, this process allows to make solidify of desired shape. Casting sculpture made by mixing two or more components (it can be water or metal also). Most of casting sculpture made by plaster, concrete, epoxy, clay or mud and melted metals. 
  • Relief Sculpture – Relief Sculpture combination of two- and three-dimensional Sculpture art. In others word it’s an image with supported by background. Relief Sculpture contains Five Types – 1. High Relief (alto-relief), 2. Mid Relief (half-relief), 3. Low Relief (base-relief), 4. Counter Relief, 5. Sunken Relief. 
  • Subtraction Sculpture – Subtraction Sculpture is very oldest form of sculpture and it’s made by removing materials from stone, wood and others hard components.  This art technically difficult to reshaping materials by tools. Now days again subtraction sculpture going very trendy. 
  • Installation/Site-Specific – Most of this sculpture are Mordan and developed forms. It takes up anywhere and assemble by this installation art with multiple objects. Some of these kinds of this sculpture’s size are very big. 
  • Assemblage Sculpture ­– This type of sculpture is also called ‘Scrap Art’. The process of making Assemblage Sculpture arrange ‘founded objects’ and create one piece of art. This art purpose also shows that how we can turn recycle or waste objects into beautiful Art. 
  • Mobile or Kinetic Sculpture – The Kinetic or Mobile sculpture making process with abstract moving parts which moves with natural force of wind or motors. In other words, object should be hung on metal rods with wire which allow to rotation and each side should be balanced with equal weightage of another side.  
Sculpture Art
Sculpture Art Making

Materials Used in Sculpture.

Material of sculptures can be many types which provided 3D shapes to the sculptures. Many materials are subject to availability which particularly shaped sculptures. Most of sculptures made by stone, wood, plaster, clay and muds. In modern Time sculptures making is easier than old methods. A Machine can make thousands of sculptures with moulds and technology in day. With the new technology sculptures made by silver, iron, gold, coppers, and plastics which and producing by different casting systems like cutting, bending, welding and pressurized with weight.

Sculpture Arts tools
Sculptures Tools

Tools use in Sculpture. 

Sculptures are basically an art of cutting, pasting, texturing and mixing of materials. Lots of tools used to make a sculpture but some basic tools are mostly using with different variants and sizes.  Some Important things also need to make sculptures here is Basic Tools Are –

  • Point Chisel
  • Tooth Chisel
  • Flat and Round Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Rasps
  • Banker and Grinders
  • Palette Knives/Painting Knives. 
  • Pen and Pencil or Marker
  • Drilling Tools
  • Hacksaw or Saw Blades etc. 

If you want deep knowledge about Sculpture Art you can visit this link Source 1 and Source 2

Well done now you know basic knowledge about Sculpture Art. I am try to show information about Sculptures Art in easy and short language hope you will understand. Comment below if I missed any most important part and rate my work in comment section.

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